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26 July 2008 @ 10:41 pm
Hi all. Just to let you know, I'm posting my massive story "You're a Good Man, Joe" or Joe for short, sometimes also known as the detective story, over in my livejournal, in nice little bite sized sections. There's 15 sections up so far, and there are close to 40 total, so the story will take a while to get posted completely.

But if you're interested, links to all posted sections can be found here

Can't see the posts? They're friends only and filtered, so drop me a comment here and I'll be sure to friend you and add you to the appropriate filter. I can also add you to my general writing filter for other original fic and fanic.

What's the story about? A police detective in a city gone to utter hell -- mafais, gangs, hookers, drugs, you name it -- a totally fiction city probably somewhere on the west coast of the USA. The story follows Joe and his partner, Tommy, as they solve various murders, some that are individual cases, some that are part of a bigger picture including an internationally acclaimed assassin. If you love the Brisco and Green years of Law and Order, you'll love Tommy and Joe, I'll admit that those years of Law and Order were an inspiration.

Mixed in with that is the mess that is Joe's personal life, including his less than legal association with a male prostitute and his legal, but curious, relationship with a mysterious woman. And of course, his personal and private lives cross paths, making things even messier for our narrator.
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02 June 2008 @ 02:05 pm
Okay, here. For your perusal, the beginning of Fruitflies. The end of this is so cheesy it HURTS.

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23 November 2007 @ 01:51 am
Hey, we may had recruited a new member for the writers group! She's pretty cool, prolific, and for Becky's sake, she doesn't just write man-smut. After November, I'll toss out an email about when we could get together for an actual meeting, with actual writing. o_o